Radical Death Studies Canon

This is an evolving canon

Please send all requests for scholarship to be included to info@radicaldeathstudies.com

The literary canon is a collection of source material considered the most pertinent and influential to that field of study.  The following are books, essays, blogs, chapters, journal articles, videos, websites, news/magazine articles, and databases that CRDS strongly recommends for inclusion on any Death and Dying course of study.

It is an objective of the Radical Death Studies Canon to center scholarship that calls attention to the whiteness and Eurocentricism that undergirds the field of Death Studies by examining the systemic and colonial structures that impact death and dying the world over: racism, sexism, heteronormativity, capitalism, imperialism, classism, xenophobia.  The following scholarship goes beyond death awareness to include studies on how people of different cultures and backgrounds acknowledge deathways and participate in death work that is by and of their own cultural understandings – a culture reacting to these very systemic and colonial structures.  

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