Educational Videos

Under the direction of Drs. Jeff Smith and Kami Fletcher, in the spring semester of 2021, the Collective for Radical Death Studies partnered with Dr. Ben Scholle, award-winning senior professor of Cinema Arts at Lindenwood University to create educational videos that used deathways and deathwork as a visual lens for which to a) learn about culture, class and lived experience as well as to a) learn how to activate and pivot to social just work.  Students in Dr. Ben Scholle’s Documentary Film course created short 5-7 minute pieces designed to engage the general public in decolonizing the field of death studies and centering BIPOC death experiences, all the while asking tough questions about oppression and privilege.

“Coroner’s Inquests as a Source for Radical Death Studies” with Dr. Sarah Lirley

“Chinese Miners’ Burials in British Columbia” with Robyn Lacy

“The Viralization of Black Death & Online Memorialization Practices” with Dr. Justin Cook

“Reclaiming Marginalized Deaths Through Data Analysis: The Case of Geer Cemetery” with Dr. Kaylee Alexander

“Fresh to Death: African Americans and RIP T-Shirts” with Dr. Kami Fletcher

“Why Are All the Wax Heads Caucasian?” with Dr. Sandi Baker

“Luxury vs. Obligation: Israelite Burials in 19th-Century Paris” with Dr. Kaylee Alexander

“Breathe In and Out; Say Their Name; Renee Ater’s Instagram-Based Memorial, ‘I Can’t Breathe'” with Dr. Kaylee Alexander

“Death and Dignity: The Exploitation of Corpses in Guanajuanto’s Mummy Museum” with Marlene Melissa Davila

“Canada Implementing Social Distancing from the Dead to Save the Living” with Robyn Lacy

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