April 2021 – Radicalizing Mortuary Science in Education and Practice

In April 2021, #RadDeathReads forced us to challenge the contemporary Mortuary Science curriculum. This #RadDeathReads was curated by Sandi Baker, Licensed Mortician and CCO.

How are social and historical stereotypes about BIPOC bodies filtered down to contemporary Mortuary Science textbooks? Just how have these ideas had an impact on how licensed morticians are trained? And what about the cemeteries where Funeral Directors lay the dead to rest? What issues of land ownership, environmental concerns and social/political issues are unearthed?

This April Rad Death Reads will force us to challenge the contemporary Mortuary Science curriculum by taking a critical look at how American Funeral Directors and Morticians are taught to take care of our dead, construct our funeral homes, our cemeteries – all within a system that of white supremacy. We will analyze the ways in which racism and stereotypes regarding BIPOC bodies are present within our systems of death care and what we can do restructure these oppressive systems.

WEEK 1 (Apr. 3 & 4): 
Recognizing Race in Science/Education

WEEK 2 (Apr. 10 & 11): 
Decolonizing Mortuary Science School

WEEK 3 (Apr. 17 & 18): 
Green Burial in a Racist Society

WEEK 4 (Apr. 24 & 25): 
Let’s Radicalize Death! More BIPOC Folks in Death Care!

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