August 2021 – Visual Cultures of Death and Inequity

In August 2021, #RadDeathReads asks us to consider the intersections of death, inequity and visual culture. This #RadDeathReads was curated by Dr. Kaylee P. Alexander.

How do we view inequality in death and in death’s spaces? Who controls what we get to see and what is removed from sight? Who consents for the corpse’s image and display? In this #RadDeathReads, we will explore some of the visible ways in which inequities in death have manifested in visual and material culture. In addition to the literal display of the dead body as museum object or scientific specimen, we will consider issues of absence, presence and erasure in the cemetery; modern acts of damnatio memoriae; the ethics of representing the dead and disseminating images of the dead; and memorials as observable acts of reclamation and death activism.

TW: This #RadDeathReads deals heavily with visual material including, at times, images of the deceased and human remains in contexts that are often unsettling. 

WEEK 1 (Aug. 7 & 8): 
The Body on Display: Scientific Racism and Public Spectacle

WEEK 2 (Aug. 14 & 15): 
Absence/Presence: Erasure in the Space of Death

WEEK 3 (Aug. 21 & 22): 
Images of the Dead: Representation, Dissemination and Consumption 

WEEK 4 (Aug. 28 & 29): 
Reclaiming Death: Monuments, Memorials and Cenotaphs

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