June 2021 – Death, Desire and Power – The Psycho-Spiritual Forces Behind Capitalism

In June 2021, #RadDeathReads asks us to consider if death and grief illiteracy can co-exist with capitalism. This #RadDeathReads was curated by Dr. Tamara Waraschinski, CRDS Co-Founder.

We usually talk about capitalism from a materialistic and economic point of view, but what about the lingering socio-historic and psycho-spiritual forces behind it? The United States is an extreme example of a crass capitalist system that centers profit and wealth accumulation over the needs of its people. And in the last 18 months COVID has highlighted many structural inequalities that have previously been muted in our collective consciousness. The result is premature and excess death. 

For this June Rad Death Reads let’s ask if death and grief illiteracy can co-exist with capitalism?  Let’s ponder if capitalism is the very obstacle that blocks us from forming deep connections and understanding of one another, thus preventing a deeper, holistic understanding of grief and death. If we don’t start grappling with these issues now, we most likely will remain impotent to usher in a better future for ourselves, the environment and our children.

WEEK 1 (Jun. 5 & 6): 
Individualism and the Making of Race: The Spiritual Terror of Capitalism

WEEK 2 (Jun. 12 & 13): 
How is Racial Literacy Linked to Death and Grief Literacy?

WEEK 3 (Jun. 19 & 20): 
The Role of Desire and the Psycho-spiritual Dimension of Capitalism

WEEK 4 (Jun. 26 & 27): 
Freedom Dreaming and Ways to Interrupt the Deeply Rooted Systems of Racism

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