WHOSE LIFE/DEATH MATTERS? A 4-Part #RadDeathReads Sponsored by NEDA (2022)

The Collective for Radical Death Studies is committed to creating and curating important educational programming that allows for the public to engage with thoughtful albeit tough topics that permeate all areas of the death, dying and disposal community.

In this 4-part Rad Death Reads series, participants will be asked WHOSE LIFE/DEATH MATTERS? first to understand that a marginalized death mirrors a marginalized life – a life shrouded in systemic oppression compounded by historical inequities; second to grapple with the idea that death can also become a vehicle for activism where Homegoings allow for Black lives to matter. Quilted death material culture allow for Queer communities to speak truth to an immortal power. Burial grounds allow cultural norms, religious affiliations and personal narrative to exist as equally distinct and sacred memorials while also serving as an important part of the landscape of the living.

Upon completing this 4-part Rad Death Reads series asking WHOSE LIFE/DEATH MATTERS? End-of-life practitioners will come away with a better understanding of how people with historically marginalized identities experience death and mourning, thus enabling participants to provide a more compassionate and culturally competent practice.

March 2022:
Reproductive/Maternal Justice & Loss

Week 1 (March 5 & 6):  Community Care and Filling in the Gaps: Doula Support for Infant Loss & Fetal Burial Laws

Week 2 (March 12 & 13): Black Maternal Mortality: Motherhood Denied/Negotiated & Stereotypes and Sterilizations

Week 3 (March 19 & 20): Out-of-Order Grief: Abortions and Still Births

Week 4 (March 26 & 27): Empowerment After Loss: Support & Rituals

May 2022: Indigent Death

Details coming soon

September 2022: Race, Culture & Ethnicity

Details coming soon

November 2022: Queer Death

Details coming soon


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#RDR Whose Life/Death Matters?

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