October 2020 – Settling the Unsettled: Decolonizing Ghost Lore

In October 2020, #RadDeathReads worked to decolonize & centralize the folklore surrounding death & dying from marginalized global cultures and communities.

We are not looking to examine cultural beliefs/lore/myth in order to prove any truths or fictions. Folklore will not be treated or presented as ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’, glorified or demonized, superior or inferior. Instead, within this October #RadDeathReads we want to share the stories of people and let those stories and the people who cherish them speak for themselves as much as possible.

Join us as we spend this harvest season “Settling the Unsettled: Decolonizing Ghost Lore”.

WEEK 1 (Oct. 3 & 4): 
Latinx & Asian American Ghost Lore

WEEK 2 (Oct. 10 & 11): 
“Disability, Cemeteries, & Ghost Tourism”

WEEK 3 (Oct. 17 & 18): 
Kiss of Death: Contagion, Contamination and Folklore by Dr. Andrea Kitta

WEEK 4 (Oct. 24 & 25): 
Talking to the Dead: Religion, Music, and the Lived Memory Among Gullah / Geechee Women by LeRhonda Manigault-Bryant

WEEK 5 (Oct. 30 & 31): 
West Virginia Ghost Tales

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