October 2021 – The Myth or Promise of Home Return: Changing African Deathways

In October 2021, #RadDeathReads investigated the origins and practices surrounding contemporary African deathways. This #RadDeathReads was curated by Dr. George Gumisiriza.

The terms homeAfrican deathways and change are all ordinary words. This Rad Death Reads will delve into their ordinariness to not only explore our individuality but more so our association in the collective as people.  For example, discussion will engage the contrasting views on the meaning of home in different forms and the power associated with it in relation to African deathways and change. We shall consider three key perspectives of home as:  a) house, location or place for everyday meaningful living (material dimension) b) place where ancestors came from/place of origin (affective dimension) c) the constructed meaning – nation, or heaven (conceptual dimension). 

Ultimately, this month shall focus on oral traditional and contemporary written authorities, the conflicts, overlaps, counter arguments and conclusions about home, African deathways, and change. In this way, we shall consider three overarching questions for the month:

  1. How does death define a specific meaning of home in African deathways by isolating the meaning from other points of view?
  2. How has change in contemporary African deathways applied the oral and written authorities to influence the meaning of home?
  3. How has the application of oral tradition and/or written word maintained or shifted the position of the individual, deceased or alive in referencing the meaning of their African origin and/ or Blackness as home? 

WEEK 1 (Oct. 9 & 10): 
Contextualizing the terms homeAfrican deathways, and change

The Myth of Return and Contemporary Repatriationscapes in African deathways

WEEK 2 (Oct. 16 & 17): 
Cultural Resilience through Death, Spirituality, and Imaginations

Connecting to Cultural Death Ontologies in homedeath rituals and change

WEEK 3 (Oct. 23 & 24): 
Meddled African Deathways by Colonialism: Oral traditions versus Written Authorities

Change and Dramatization in African Funerals in African Deathways

WEEK 4 (Oct. 30 & 31): 
African Traditional Deathways, Nature, and Interdependence

Burial Models in Africa, Nature, and Interdependence

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