Radicalizing Death

Official CRDS partners help us evolve, disseminate, maintain, and sustain the core mission of the Collective.  Our partners are individuals, groups, and organisations who actively seek out to decolonise their understanding and practices around death and dying, and who help anchor our mission through dissemination, application and further enhancement of these perspectives. Essentially, Our CRDS partners not only support our mission, they put it in effective action.


The Order of the Good Death is a nonprofit organization that provides death education, resources, and support surrounding death choices, rights and care.

Comfort Homesake  is a multi-generational, multi-lingual, multi-faith 501c3 community based organization  dedicated to preparing & supporting  families  managing   chronic diseases and/ or  serious illnesses.

Maui Nurtures is an organization dedicated to serving Maui’s community with home-based palliative care.

Funeral, Clementine Hunter, 1960

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