CRDS will host its fall book club #RadDeathReads

#RadDeathReads is committed to engaging its online community with reads that seek to decolonize death studies and radicalize death work where focus is put on a) illustrating how traditional systems of inequality have shaped death work and deathways; b) examining the death norms of communities of color/peoples from marginalized groups across the globe and how they have adopted, recreated, and even resisted the American/Eurocentric Way of Death; c) explore death and dying from both non-Western and Western perspectives.

#RadDeathReads will host books, articles, essays, films, by and about death scholars and expert practitioners from underrepresented groups and marginalized communities.  

When? October- December. Every Saturday join us!!  Follow the hashtag #RadDeathReads

Where? on Twitter: @RadDeathStudies

What are We Reading? 

October: Passed On: African American Mourning Stories, A Memorial by Karla Holloway

December: “Black Experience with Death: A Brief Analysis Through Black Writings” by Maurice Jackson

Most #RadDeathReads will feature a #RadDeathReadIn which is a virtual Q&A with the author.  Questions will be selected from the online community, posed, and then answered by the author.  The author may also share backstory of why the read was written and next reads to look out for.

Want to suggest a #RadDeathRead?  Email us at info@radicaldeathstudies.com

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