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May 2022
Whose Life/Death Counts (pt. 2):
Too Poor to Die Well: Exploring the Invisibility of Indigent Death

April 2022 #RadDeathReads:
Death De-Eroticized:
Counting and Countering Invisible Deaths in India

Let’s Read Death Radically!

#RadDeathReads hosts books, articles, essays, films, by and about death scholars and expert practitioners from underrepresented groups and marginalized communities.  

Traditional Book Clubs meet in person and center around one single book. We, however, meet virtually on the weekends for 1.5 hours each session (1pm EST to 2:30pm EST)

This book club is solely put together by CRDS members’ volunteer work without any sponsorship or reimbursement. The small fee is to cover our administrative costs and the huge amount of time and resources that go into this project. Please note, we are therefore unable to refund you if you are unable to attend or miss a meeting. Please consider supporting CRDS with a donation so we can offer more projects like this in the future!

Weekly Schedule

#RadDeathReads meets virtually through Zoom at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 5 PM GMT every Saturday and Sunday during the series for an hours each day to discuss the selected material(s), host guest speakers, exchange ideas, and share related information in a private online space.

What do you get as a member?

  • Access to featured and bonus reading/viewing materials (ie: supplemental excerpts, PDFs, private links, etc.).
  • Private virtual Zoom meetings with other club members, conducted by a CRDS moderator.
  • Q&As / Interviews with guest speakers.
  • Access to a private closed-circuit Facebook group where members can get updates on the monthly event, pose & answer questions, converse with other club members & CRDS leaders, and share related links to the monthly material.
  • And more!

Past #RadDeathReads

Click below to see past #RadDeathRead programs.

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